Saturday, September 3, 2011

Can's For A Cure 2011!!!

It's that time a year again!! We need your help in raising money for Cans For A Cure! Can and bottle or even cash will be great. I post on my Facebook page where we are at with money. I want all to know that we take the cans and bottle to be changed into cash and save up then take the money to Q97.9 when they do Cans For A Cure. The reason we do this is because we get soooo many cans and bottles that they don't fit in my van anymore. That is why I let everyone know when we total every time we get cans, bottle and cash on my blog and Facebook.

I have had more then one person ask don't you take part of what you get for yourself? I guess there are people out there who would do that......but we are not like that. This is something we do as a family that makes us feel really good inside knowing we are helping other out. That is way better then taking the money for ourselves.

Here are as years that we have done Cans For A Cure:

2008 - 2007 We didn't keep track of the amount.

2011 so far we have a total of $15.00. We have a ways to go. With your help we can bet our last years amount!!!!!

Thank you to Ric & Jen Carter, Joshua Grover, John Poirier, and Morin's!!

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