Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Cans for a Cure

Today we got all the cans and bottles that we have been collecting for the past few weeks together in the van.

Josh couldn't wait to see the Morning Waking Crew from Q97.9. So it was off to Portland to the Maine Mall. On our way we stopped at Josh's grandfathers house to pick up more bottles and cans, then to his Uncle Glen's house for even more. The whole back of the van was full. Just what we hoped for. I would have love to get more, but we didn't start early enough. I do want to thank all are family and friends who gave cans and bottles to Josh. I would also like to thank Morin's Fine Furniture for their donation.

This picture is Jeff, Lori, Meredith, and Josh

These picture are from 2 years ago from the first time we did Cans for a Cure. They were right at Oxford Plains Speedway. We also had pictures from the last year but we lost them when our computer crashed. Josh is already talking about next year. I'm glad he like to do this.

The Morning Crew were so sweet they gave Josh some games, bumper stickers and magnets.

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