Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Under the Poirier Family it says Family and Pets. I always talk about my family and my dog Sadie. I do have other pets, I have no idea why I never write about them. We have two cats. Let me tell you about Dallas first. Dallas is my baby. I've had her for ever. After high school I move in with my boyfriend soon to be husband. We got a cat in Oct of 1995. She is the best cat ever. She would chase me around the trail like a dog, she would go in the tub with me if I was taking a bath, sleep under the covers, sleep on me the closest spot by my face. Dallas is now 13 years old and still with me, unlike my first husband. Dallas moved from the trailer into my first house with my husband then, Dallas and I moved to my moms after the big "D" for too long. My mother wanted me to stay as long as I needed. Dallas and I moved into an apartment with my boyfriend at the time ( now my husband). Then into a house rent to own, that didn't work out, so we moved one last time to the house we are in now. So Dallas has been around, and still kicking. The sad thing is she is getting very old. She can't jump like she used to. She has lost a lot of weight. I know the time is coming but I don't want it to, who does. There are times when she is laying on the floor and it looks like she's not breathing. I walk up to her and her eyes are open but she's not moving. My heart pounds. Then I make a noise and she jumps. She sleeps with her eyes open now. What is up with that!!!! This is a picture of Dallas about 5 years ago or so.

This is a picture of Dallas today, I guess she looks almost the same in the picture but the weight is very different. Dallas is named after the Dallas Cowboys by my "X". I say it's because of the town.

Now my other cat, more like John's cat. Her name is Gizmo. She is about 5 years old. She looks like a kitten still, so small and tiny. She seems to love the way John pets her and holds her. She lets me pet and hold her but not for long. She has no problem sleeping next to me to keep her little body warm at night or when I feed her can food ya she loves me then!!! This is Gizmo when we got her. Can you see why we named her Gizmo, it's because of the Gremlins. His face was two colors split in the middle.

This is what Gizmo looks like now she is still very small the picture doesn't saw that. I would say she is half the size of Dallas maybe a pinch more.

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