Monday, October 13, 2008


Today there was no school so I had to take Joshua to his grandmothers house for the day. I dropped him off, and was on my way to work with Sadie. I like to take different roads to work when I can. The leaves right now are beautiful. Who won't want to drive on Maine road this time of year. As I was driving there was a house with free stuff at the end of the driveway. If John was with me I would make him stop and we would get out and see what goodies there were. Only because I was by myself I drove right by. When I got to work I couldn't stop thinking about how silly it was not to stop. So I told myself I would stop on the way back to get Joshua. I had to do a lot of sanding today. I also glued up some chairs. My boss came into the shop to see how we have been doing. She started to talk to me and when she was she kept looking at my hair when she was talking. I knew what was going to come out of her mouth. Yep she said it " YOU NEED TO COLOR YOUR HAIR". Why would you say that to someone. We are not on that level. She has a way about her. I told her "IT'S FROM WORKING HERE!" I don't think she cared for that. I asked her if the cans and bottles were still at the Showroom. Because Joshua is getting all the cans and bottles ready to take Wed to the Maine Mall for Cans for a Cure that Q97.9 is doing. She told me they were. She asked when I go to get them if I could bring one of the done chairs with me. I said yes, loaded everything up and Sadie and was off. I got to the Showroom opened the tailgate and got the chair out. I took it into the Showroom and her son who was running the Showroom started talking to me and before I knew it I was in the back of the Showroom helping put the cans and bottles in bags. I started walking to the front of the Showroom and looked out the window at the van and realised I lifted the tailgate open with Sadie in the van. SADIE WAS A GOOD GIRL she never jumped out. I'm very lucky she didn't jump out. She is so scared of everything I won't think she would. But I would hate to lose my dog in the city. I love my dog!!!!!!!!! I didn't mean to leave it open, I just have done that time and time before but never had Sadie with me.

I loaded the bags into the van and was off to the shop again to work. Time never seems to go by fast anymore at work. I think it's because Rick isn't there right now, and very much needed and missed. He made the day fly by. Finely the end of the day came, and Sadie and I were out of there. Yes we went back the same way we came in hope that the free stuff on the side of the road was still there. It wasn't, only a big chair that was gross and a bike I didn't need. So I didn't even slow down. There you have it, I need to stop and get over yourself. Who cares what people think. If I would have stop this morning who knows what goodies I could have had. Then again is would just end up in my basement until I cleaned it out in the spring and put it out front of my house for free. Right?!


Kelly~MysticalEntities said...

Oh my I have done that many of times! Passed it by for all the same reasons and kicked myself afterwards.Especially the robins egg blue shutter I had my eyes on!!!!
I`m so glad that Sadie stayed like a good girlie. My Bella would look to run out the front door!

Kelly~MysticalEntities said...

P.s. is it ok If I add you to my blog list?