Sunday, June 5, 2011

Trip to Lowes!!!! LOVE IT

Lowe's is one for my favorite stores to go to. We were going there to check out ideas for our driveway. See our driveway is about a foot way from our neighbors driveway. We have about a foot of grass between them all the way up. Well the neighbors drive so fast up their driveway it's all dug up. Then end of their driveway is so bad that when it rains there is a lake. Now that it's so bad their friends are now cutting across the end of ours and going across a bit of the grass to then go up the neighbors driveway. It is now starting to dig up ours. NOT happy at all about that. So we went to Lowe's to see what we could use at the end to make them go around. We didn't find anything we were happy with so we started looking around at other project ideas that we want to do. We got wood and stones to put where our trash cans go. It looks so much better now.


After: When he was working on that, I started another flower garden out front. I have been talking about doing it for awhile. I want to plant bushes that birds will go in. When we were at Lowe's I picked up two bushes so now that made me dig up the front yard. I'm going to be getting a maple tree from my moms yard and moving some plants that I already have in our yard. I moved my forsythia bush that was on the side of our house not doing so well. I found out that there were a ton of ants around the bush. I'm hoping that was why it was grown fast. I'm going to try to get more flowers some will be from my own flower garden. I might work on that tomorrow, I will have to see how I feel after work.


After: That's what John and I did this Sunday!! :O)


The Pats said...

We wish we had a Lowe's near us; we like that store too.

Your projects look good and they're endless - at least that's what we've discovered.

Poirier Family said...

Pat's...Endless yes!! but I love it! Everytime we do something for the house it makes it more of a HOME!!! Your is beautiful!