Monday, May 30, 2011

Fishing With My Brother

One of the best places for me to be is in a kayak on a lake or a pond with no houses on the shore! I love it when no one but us is at the pond. Glen and I took out the kayak for the first time this year! I love just floating around fishing. Go where the wind take you. Which wasn't really where I wanted to be half the time lol. I would just keep paddling back to where I need to be!

Last night I went fishing with Glen very late. I didn't catch anything but bug bites. He got two or three fish before I got there. So today him and I went back at it. This time I was able to get a few!!

Here are my two bigger ones. The big one was 15.5" !!!!! I was so happy to catch something this time! What a fight that one put up!!! That is the best feeling when fishing. The pull and hoping your line don't snap!!

Here are all the ones I got. The top one is the 15.5".

I had to go online to learn how to fillet them! Now it's in John's hands to cook them!!!! I did all the hard work sitting in the sun getting eaten by bugs. Then to come home and gut the sucker and cut them up!!! NO NO that was the easy part to me. I hate cooking. I would fish any day and gut if I didn't have to cook. :O)
I can't wait to get back out there!!! LOVE IT!!! Who know??


Anonymous said...

OH how very cool!!! :) Awesome post! I want very much to take my daughter fishing. My husband has a great little row boat for all of us to get in and head to Norway Lake! (great song too ;) )

Poirier Family said...

I just got into fishing 2 years ago. Love it. Thanks for liking the song!