Monday, May 23, 2011

Our Weekend

I always say my weekend starts the minute I get out of work so that would be 3:00pm. As soon as I got home I was going to jump in the shower but plans changed just a little. I had to drop Josh off at his dads house, and a old school friend wanted to stop by to take a look at the furniture I has for sale! Her and her husband loved both of them and took them. I'm so glad to see them going to a good home. She sent me pictures of them in her house. They look so much better there then they did here.

After they were gone I jumped into the shower and was ready to go. John and I have been wanting to try out a new place that sales pizza. Farm House Pizza & Deli . This is the inside of the Store.

This is the barn where you can pet the animals before you pizza is ready. Don't worry they have a place to wash your paws.

John found a friend right away!!

Here John is looking at a black rabbit. The cage that it is in has an opening so you can pet it. I can't believe the rabbit doesn't jump out!!These girls won't get up!! They were pretty BIG pigs! This is a turkey! Well that's what the sign said!! He was so sweet. I didn't know that their horns were warm. Now you know too!

Donkeys. I want one!!

After petting all the animals we got our pizza. We didn't get to eat there because they only have outdoor tables and they were wet from all the rain we have been getting. So on our way home we rented a movie.

The next day (Saturday) John had to work so I took my mom shopping and then came home to get ready for the Oxford Plains Speedway. We won tickets to the race. So we picked up Josh's friend Mark, then over to pick Josh up from his dads. We weren't sure if they were going to have the race or not because it had been raining off and on all day. So we met up with Denise, Glen and the kids. Plus a friend of Glen's from his work. We all found a place to sit and wait to see if they were going to have the race or not.

Here is Josh and his friend Mark in the muddy parking lot. No that's not a beer in Marks hand.

Here is Nate already to have the race start! He is just to cute!!

This is how they get some of the water off the track. They take 2 big tires and drag them around and around.

They even used leaf blowers. I know how REDNECK.....that's what I've been told.

With all they tried to do it just wasn't helping that the rain wasn't stopping. So the race was called off. We have a rain date so we will see if it happens. The rain doesn't seem like it's going to stop anytime soon. We dropped of Josh back at his dads, then Mark to his house. John and I rented another movie. What better thing to do on a rainy night.

Sunday we slept in. Then headed to Glen and Denise's to help put in the dock. I was told that Sunday was going to be SUNNY!!!! Well it wasn't. It was colder then Saturday :O(. Glen and I had to go into the ice cold water to put the dock in. We were only able to put two parts in. The water was way to high. They didn't open the gate yet, plus all the rain we have been having didn't help any.
Here are Glen and I working on it.

After that we had dinner. Thanks to Denise and Joy. It was very yummy. Then John and I headed home so John could mow the lawn being it wasn't done all spring, and with all the rain we had it was looking like a jungle. I planted the rest of my seeds in my flower garden.

So we had a fun filled weekend.

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