Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Garden Birds

Here are my day lilies. They are almost to the rail. Here is the start of a Cosmo!! I started these from seeds.

Here are the Cosmos I got from the store.....just in case the seeds did work out.

Here is a flower hehehe I'm not 100% sure what kind this is. I don't think its a sunflower, the leafs are more like black eye susans.

Here is another plant I got a store.....forgot what they are.

Here is a plant that I got from Tom and I have no idea if its a weed or a flower!
Another one from Tom and nope don't know what it is. Now that I have the pictures I will look them up. Would me nice to know what's in my own garden. lol

OK so we put bird feeds in our gardens this year and the birds are coming. I love it!! I get to set in the living room and see them right out the window, well that if fat cat Ellie isn't in the window!! The feeders are about a foot way from the window. I wasn't sure if the birds would come to it but they do. The birds I found out today are very picking eaters. I went out to fill the half empty feeder. I looked to see where I should step in the garden so I wouldn't step on a plant and to my surprise I found out where all the seeds have gone!!! Right down into my birdbath that has a hole in the bottom. I was using it to catch the shells of the seeds but I guess it was catching everything because now I have sunflowers growing in it and all around it.

Here are the starts of sunflowers.

I try to take out all the good seeds and put them in the yard (if you can call it that) and driveway for the other birds we have. They were very happy today. See.....

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