Monday, July 4, 2011

4th Of July

What a fun weekend I have had. It started off with seeing a long time friend Jess from High School. She is in Maine from California on Sat! Not the best picture of me. lol Jess looks great!
Can't help taking pics of my baby!
Lucy was loving the water at the lake at my brother's BBQ. What's funny about his BBQ's is years ago it was a bunch of grown up drinking and having a blast! Now it's kids, kids, and more kids with no drinking and everyone having a blast!!

Here is Christopher

Nate waiting to go for a boat ride.

Sadie ready to jump on Emily in the water! Sadie loves to swim with the kids.

Josh is sitting in the left bottom of pic.

Buddy (the dog) loves to be with everyone. His dad is the one in the water. Glen the one next to Buddy is fixing the ladder. Buddy is making sure it going to be safe for the kids. Josh is on the board.

After a looooong while Stretch jumped in. It takes him forever. He needs to know it's safe so seeing Buddy and Sadie having so much fun he took the plunge.

Poor little Sweat-Pea couldn't go in the water!! She has a booboo (broken leg).

Here is John holding a friends new dog!! I wanted to take her home so bad, but my handbag was a little too small for her. :O( Next time I'm bring a bigger handbag! :O) shhhhh don't say anything.

Going for a boatride!

Hope loving the ride. She is the one giving the peace sign

It was a great day with the kids!

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Jeanne said...

That water looks great! It's been so hot here lately we've just been holing up home in the one room with a/c. That little pup is cute, smaller than our kitties! lol