Sunday, June 12, 2011

Birthday Weekend

Birthday Weekend as if I made it my weekend! lol I just had fun from Friday after work until Sunday hmmmm until now really and the nights not over!!! wink wink.

My Birthday Weekend as I'm calling it, Started at Jen and Ric's house. They had me over after work for some drinks.....and drink a little we did! We had just the right amount to have fun and maybe make fun of ourselves a little later. lol

Saturday John and I went to Tucker and Bethany barn party. It rained but that didn't stop us from having fun. I got to meet a ton of new and great people. I learned a lot about their horses which I'm soon hoping to ride. They are the sweets horse I have ever met. Her chicken I got to pick up and hold. Yep I'm a country girl and wish I could have a farm. I guess I just have to go up there more. Tucker had another great meal cooked in the ground.

The rain couldn't stop a good time!! We just worked with it!!! :O)

Sunday I got to sleep in.......thank you John and Josh for being mice!!! We went to Emily's Piano Recital.
Then after that we went to Young's Green favorite for flowers in the spring. I picked up Cosmos for my Harris Garden. That's what I'm calling my newest garden I made. So now I have the Sweetser Garden , named for Tom Sweetser who gave me most of my flowers from his land. That one is the big one right now. Then the Bird Garden, named because that's where the bird feeder is and now I have a ton of sunflowers starting. The Harris Garden because of a dear friend of mine Jackie Harris. We are going to grow Cosmos in our gardens together. Jackie doesn't live in Maine but we thought it would be fun to grow the same plant and see how we do. So now I'm naming that garden after her. This is the Harris Garden.

John went out to pick up pizza for dinner because that one of my faves. He also got flowers for me.

Thanks for a great weekend EVERYONE!!!!


The Pats said...

Happy Belated Birthday - celebrate as long as you can regardless of what the weather does.

Regarding your "Anonymous" commenting issue, I ran into that last night trying to reply to your comment and discovered your name will post if you use the "Name" account. Use your blog name (Poirier Family) and in the URL use the website you signed on with (e.g., and it should post with your name.

Poirier Family said...

Awww thank you Pats!!

Also thank you for the info! I will try that!