Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Day Lilies and Sunsets

I know I just posted about my Lilies and the Sunset. I just wanted you to see how fast my Day Lilies grow!! First picture was taken Sunday the second one was taken Tuesday.

Here is the front of my house. I know nothing big about it now. You wait, the flowers will start showing then it looks so much better! I wanted to show the sides of the steps how you can see nothing there right now but when my Day Lilies are at their peek they are as tall if not taller then the railing on the steps. By the way Joshus took the picture for me!!! So thanks Joshua! I want to hang something next to the front door to the right. What should I put there????? Not one of those star because too many people have them. Plus the house right next to us has one. So what should I put there??

Here is another Sunset from last night.

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