Sunday, April 17, 2011

Pool Party

It was Hope's (my niece) 11Th birthday party. We all meet at the YMCA for her party. We had the Cake and Gift part of the party first in a perfect room......the rubber room. The room had a rubber floor!!! I need one of the rooms in my house!!! The kids were running around so fast the camera couldn't even keep up with them. lol What a great idea. Bo (Hopes mom) gave them cups that you could design yourself. There is a piece of paper that you could draw and color on that slipped in between the cap itself and the outer cover. Very cool. Cake and gifts were done before going to the pool area. Hope blowing out her candles.Nate being Nate :O) Hope opening her gifts. They had two pools there. One for little kids and one for the people who knew how to swim good because it was very deep. Josh was able to swim in the big pool!!!! He liked going under really deep because he had never done it before. Glen, Tony, Josh, and Hopes friends.

Nate Hope and Josh
Emily and Hope Glen, Tony, Hope, and Hopes friends. Josh Denise and Nate

The kids had a great time! I think even the grown up did too!!!

Happy Birthday Hope!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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