Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Sunday Ice Fishing

It start with drilling the holes. :O) Thanks GlenAdd some Ice shacks and some people!!!Denise, Chris, Susan, Ric, and Glen.Denise, Chris, Susan, Emily, and Ric.Emily, Susan, Chris with his hot cocoa, Ric, and Denise.Susan and Emily.Emily and her bait.
In the pink jacket is Jodie, Chris, Mike, Ric, and Glen!!
Emily and her mother Denise

Ric and Emily.

Chris and his son Christopher.
We got a little chili on the ice. lol Denise made chili and Jodie brought it to us on a sled!!! So yummy and warm!

What a great day!! The only thing wrong was no one caught a fish :O(

The cool thing is today Chris and Jodie got me a new PINK Jig pole. So you wait for this coming weekend!!!! I'm go to get a fish!!! hehehe........i hope

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