Tuesday, February 8, 2011

What a great Friday & Sat!!!

Friday after school I took Josh to the horse farm for the first time. He loved it there. Josh with Jake my friend Charity's horse.

Jake and I. Jake almost knocking me over. lol
Josh with Auto the horse that we feel in love with. Auto is more our size!

Auto and I. I love that horse wish I could take him home with me. Don't think Sadie would like to share her bed with him. What a great start to Saturday!! Glen sitting on his new machine. Chris cutting new holes. Josh fishing. Me with my new pole. Josh driving for the first time ever!!! He did so well.

Josh and everyone else. Emily so grown up!

Nate Awwww..... Nate.

Lucy is just to cute!!!! All the kids were so cute looking into the hole. I just didn't get my camera out in time :O( Jodie & Lucy!

Denise on the left, not sure the names of the little girls, Josh getting ready to ride, Chris in the middle ice fishing. Off to the right is Nate and Christopher. We had chili on the lake again this weekend but this time it was better!!! Not sure how it could get better but it did!! Yummy!! All the kids were eating together it was so cute.
One by one people were picked up and brought to the house. Glen getting things ready to go. Done for the day! You just can't see good when your driving so we thought it would be safe to put up the big toys! :O( This is Josh driving people from the ice shack to the house. This was Josh's first time ever driving with people!!! He did such a great job. He is growing up way to fast. I could not believe how fast the snow started to come down!! It just looked white everywhere. You couldn't tell if you were coming or going. Then we packed up into the van and headed home :O(

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