Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Long Days

So here's the story. John was coming home Thursday after work. He got pulled over.....nothing new with how he drives lol.... just kidding. He was driving fine. The cop tells him his license was suspended!!!! We had no idea!! Nothing in the mail letting us know about it. The reason for it being suspended was because he did have a eye examination!!!!! WTF sorry....but come on. You couldn't call, send a letter, hell stop by the house.

So I had to have my poor mom drive me to where the cop pulled him over to drive his car back home. So now I'm getting up at 5:00am to take him to work. If you don't know me well. All I can say is I reallyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy HATE getting up early. So poor Josh has been sleeping over his fathers apartment so he doesn't have to, as he would say "get up at the butt crack of dawn!"

So John has an appointment for the 31st which he has to take off from work to go to. We are waiting on the court date which he will have to take a day off to go to! Love this, here we are trying to save money because...well....we don't have any lol. Then this crap has to happen. I know, I know..... I'm just saying. I'm not getting upset about it because there is nothing we can do. We still have our health, a roof over our heads and the cars are still running. KNOCK on wood for all of that!

I'm really missing my son! Today I picked him up at school, drove home. He repacked his back and back to his fathers apartment he went :O( :O( :O( I feel so lost without him. I really wish he did have to do that. Not that he minds but just not having him here is killing me. I didn't even really get to talk to him.

So all of this is making for a long day!!

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