Saturday, December 4, 2010

Why do things keep going wrong for Josh

Well I got it done a while ago but forgot to show it.

Now I'm starting a new one. Not sure if this was the right picture to pick.
I'm going to have think about the colors on this one.
Gives me something to work on!

Josh and I put up our Christmas Tree last night before dropping him off at his fathers house. We had to run to the store twice to get lights. See we were at my mothers house hours before and she showed us her new LED lights. I loved them!! So when it was time for us to put our lights on the tree, I pulled them out and didn't like them at all. So we drove to the store where she got hers in hopes there were some left. We got 3 boxes, 2 for the tree and 1 for Josh's room. Well we get home and buy the time I got the 2 sets on the tree it only made it 1/2 way down the tree. So I had to use Josh's set and it still didn't make it. We had to go back to the store to get 2 more sets. The tree looks great. We're so happy with it.

While putting up our tree Josh says to me, "I wonder when my daddy is going to put up their tree." I said "you would think this weekend because he has you!!". Well when we got over to his house the tree was already up!!!! I could not believe that they didn't call to have him there, or wait for him. I know that broke Josh's heart. Josh is always feeling like he is not a part of that family! I just can't believe the things they do without thinking of Josh. Josh is also upset and even text his father about his bedroom over there. Josh says that they let anyone who is staying there sleep in there, and people are always there. I understand that it's the only other room but it's Josh's. His toys are always getting messed with and broke. Grown up stay in there and leave dishes and stuff. He doesn't feel it's "his room". I feel so bad and there is nothing I can do. Just sucks. About the text his father never texted back!!! Gee I wonder why Josh acts out, could this be a underlying problem?? Just something for me to think about. I'm sure there are things here too that make him act out. Just want to get it under control. :O)


Anonymous said...

Hi Wow! Don't know if I can be much help with this one. Can you talk to his Dad or is that not possible? I think Josh needs to feel that he belongs over there and he should have his own space there. This may explain some of his problems..


SillyShelly said...

I have that same problem. The girls seem to fight all the time, and I think it has something to do with how unsettled things are at their fathers house at times. And although we get along great, I have to bite my tongue at times about the lack of consideration of the girls feelings. I hope things get better with Josh, and just keep on being the awesome mommy you are.

Barbara said...

My daughter (Silly Shelly) has the same problems going on as she said in her comment and I feel so sorry for my two granddaughters. When they are with their daddy, Trinity has to sleep on the floor and Madison has to sleep with the daughter of his live-in girlfriend who she hates....and, they too have been acting out. Kids NEED consistency and their own SPACE that others stay out of. They need a 'safe, private haven' whether they are at mom or dad's house. Why are men so insensitive????