Saturday, December 11, 2010

Weekend With The Kids

This weekend we had Emily and Nate. So glad the kids all get to along with each other for the most part. They have their moments here and there! What kids don't? Here Josh and Emily are building with the wooden blocks I had out for 3 year Nate......I guess there is no age limit on wooden blocks. I had them make cookie dough ornaments. They came up with some of they own master pieces!! Artist I tell you Artist!! Josh 12, Emily 8, Nate 3!!!! Love them ohhhh sooooo much!!!! Nate the Great!!! Don't worry he is not drinking that water its for the paint!!

Emily the Artist. Looking over at Josh's artwork.
Josh well just look at Josh's face....he's the comedian artist! (acts just like his uncle Glen. Emily's dad).

This is everything they all made. I'm sure Denise loves all the art stuff they bring home from my house everytime I watch them!!!! Sorry Denise I just can't help it. Right when they get here they head from my craft room asking when are we going to do a project!!! Emily last night at 9:30pm asking if we can work on a project! Don't let them know I hide stuff so they don't see it. Because they will ask to do it. It's so funny. Emily's Dog and Cat. I REALLY think Emily is going to be an artist!!!!! Emily is only 8 and she has great art skills. Thank God after painting Josh was able to get Nate down for a needed!!! Josh let him sleep on his bed. Nate loves Josh. He really looks up to really he does because Josh is taller!! lolThanks Emily and Nate for a great weekend!!! ;O)

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The Pats said...

Looks like future artists in the making. Happy Holidays to you and your family!