Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Keeping Busy

I have been keeping myself busy trying to "network" to get the Poirier's name out there. I found new things on Etsy from another Etsy shop owner. She gave me a lot of help. There were things I should have been doing. She even told me what to click on to find the stuff. There is a lot more to Etsy then selling, it a little world of its own. You'll get sucked in. So many nice people and very friendly. Everyone is helping everyone. If our not on there as a selling you should be as a buyer. So many handmade things that are made with love not from Wal-mart that a ton of other people have. A lot of the stuff is one of a kind. Just check it out you can't go wrong!!

Ok I know you don't just want to hear about Etsy every time I write but it is a big part of my life right now. So it snowed here today. Not a lot but enough to make my mom not want to go Christmas shopping hehheehe, I really didn't feel like driving in it anyways.

I'm still not looking forward to Christmas that much. I'm happy the family is getting together (more then happy). I haven't seen Tony, Bo, and Hope for a long time. It's so much fun when us kids( us old people) get together. I feel bad that we couldn't get the kids as much as we wanted to but money is very tight. I know everyone will be fine and everyone will have fun. Just spending time together will be great. Happy Holidays


Barbara said...

It sounds like you have some real fun planned for Christmas and quit beating yourself up....most people are taking a hit on the gift-giving this year. Even last year we started just exchanging names; adults with adults and kids with kids. And then we pick a theme. This year it was t-shirts. Can't wait to see who gets what! As for the grandkids, I do not buy them toys except for books or puzzles and I have expanded to crafts since they are now older. This year all 4 got McDonalds gift cards because with their busy (full time working) moms, she can stop and pick up dinner on a night or two and they have one less worry for the day. Hey, at least we're feeding them!

Poirier Family said...

I know your right with most people taking a hit. We used to draw names but now we only buy for the kids. We do plan on having fun!! Love the theme idea.