Friday, November 19, 2010


I will have to say I had a good Friday. In the morning I took my mom to see where my brother Glen works. It was our first time there. I could not believe the size of the place or the stuff that he does. Now my mom and I will worry more when he is at work. :O( I know he will be fine. He seems to hurt himself more at home then on the job. He broke his toe the other day at home! LOL, he's fine.
This is one of the many piles of logs.
Glen stands in the yellow melt box that keeps him safe from the tons of logs over his head!! He uses the radio to tell the guy running the crane that everything is OK, or if something is wrong.
His is in the bottom left of the picture.

Then he goes over to the other place were he gets to drive the logging truck to load logs onto it. The red truck he drove over to the yellow log grabbing thing?? I have no idea what the name of it was so log grabbing thing is all I got. Hehehe. That's him climbing into the cab.
Can't really tell in this picture but he just put a load of logs on the truck.

I know to some of you this may not be a big deal. It is to me knowing he used to work at a desk in a bank. So to see him running these big machines is just crazy!! Love it. I always knew he was a redneck like the rest of us!!

After my mom and I went shopping at a craft store. I just needed a few things to get new projects started to put up for sale!! I am really enjoying coming up with stuff to make. I forgot how much I loved doing projects. My mom is making her own things too. It has given us both something to work on. She got to see the website the other day for the first time. She was very happy with the way it turned out. She doesn't have a computer at home and this selling online is all new to her.
After shopping I went home and got Josh ready to go to his fathers for the weekend. I hung out with John for a few minutes then it was up to my mom's for dinner and a movie. We are starting to watch chick flicks together being John doesn't like them and it just more fun watching them with people. So it was girls night!! Sadie & Lacey (the dogs) My mother and I (little girls at heart). I got home at 11:30 tonight and really should be in bed but just wasn't sleepy enough yet. So here I sit blogging away! and now feeling it coming on, so off to bed I go! :O)

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