Sunday, October 10, 2010


Sorry it took so long to let you know that Sadie is fine. I had a lot going on this weekend. I took her to our local veterinarian. I will have to say it is one of the best animal hospital I have ever been to. Sadie hates it when we go there because there are chimes on the door plus everytime we go there she gets a needle. Poor Sadie HATE CHIMES BIG TIME. So I try to open the door as slow as I can so they don't make any noise. Only she pulled and my arm hit the door making the chimes make noise and now she is trying to run the other way and I have to drag her in. Once she makes it pass the chimes she run way into the building. She is now shaking really bad. I have never seen her shake that much in my life. She just wanted to get out of there. Everyone that worked there made her feel very welcomed and a little more comfortable. Once we were in the room she was a little better, but still not loving it. The doc checked her out and took a needle to see what it was. It was just a fatty tumor that may get a little bigger or stay where it's at. Nothing to worry about.

The place was very clean and the colors made you feel a little more like home. So all is good for now!!!!


Barbara said...

We have had 9 dogs in our 40 year marriage, 2 are still with us. All the lumps that we found on any of them were always fatty tumors but I know what goes through your mind. Each and everyone of our dogs was and is a member of our family. I would love to know how much we've spent in vet bills over the years and would do it again in a heartbeat! I'm soooooo glad Sadie is going to be ok!!

Poirier Family said...

I hear you!!! I to will always have pets no matter the cost. Once they are in the family there is nothing I won't do for them!!

Jeanne said...

Glad to hear Sadie's okay. Our furbabies are such important parts of our lives!