Monday, October 11, 2010


This past Saturday John and I got up very early to head to the Cumberland County Fair Grounds for the Maine Ultimate Yard Sale. There were way to many people, pushing and pulling the kids from table to table. Some would walk right in front of you and would grab stuff off the table. It was OK, just a lot of people. There was a lot of good stuff for the right person. I was only there looking for things that I really need for the house or for the family.

The weather was great for the sale, a little cool and windy but good.

I found these two handbags. I know, I really didn't "need" them, but for $5.00 each I was not passing that up!

The maroon one that looks pink in the pictures is a NINE WEST. I have no idea if that is good or not, didn't really care I love it. It's like brand new. The brown one is WILSON'S LEATHER again not sure if that good, but love it!! The rule is when I get a new handbag, one has to go!! I don't know if I can go by the rule or not anymore. I like all the handbags I have and really don't want any of them to go away!!! :O(

I could not pass these up!!! I needed curtains. They are by Martha Stewart (which I don't really care for her company) woven blue check casual curtains. Pair measures 84in W x 84in L. I got two set for only $6.00!!!
John found these turtles at a yard with in the summer that we went to. I just had to show you them. The people who were selling them said, the got them when they lived in Tennessee. They were only asking $10.00 for the both of them. I have been looking for something neat for my garden. The cool thing is John and I went to Tennessee last summer. So we call them our Tennessee Turtles. This is the little one. He is about a foot long!! His shell opens so you can put a candle inside that makes his eyes light up. So those are a few of our finds this summer. Now its time for the indoor flea markets. I'm still looking for some glass candy dishes to go above my kitchen cabinets. I forgot to take pictures of some that I found this summer.


Becky said...

okay.. can I just say, you cant back out of your rule now, and me, being the mid and generous person that I am, will gladly take your handbag..
( for the sake of the old trading days)...

Poirier Family said...

I tried really hard to send one on it's merry way but just couldn't do it. lol