Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Well I'm laid off from work for a week. My boss hopes to have me back after that week. No that the showroom is closed I hope everything goes smooth with the shop!! I don't like the thought of looking for a new job, I don't think anyone really does. As soon as I found out that I was getting laid off I texted John to let him know he sould take one of his vacation weeks. So we are together this week with Josh.

On Friday night I had Emily and Nate over night until Saturday around 5:30. Josh and I went to a playground with Chris, Jodie and their kids. After we all went over their house for a BBQ lunch. It was yummy Chris does a great job on the grill. After lunch Jodie and I put together a bunk bed for her kids. It when well, faster then I thought it would. That's what happens when you get to girls to do the job. Hehe. When 5:30 rolled around I dropped Emily and Nate off at their house. Then home for the night for me. I was wiped out. I went to bed at 9:00 I just couldn't keep my eyes open.

Sunday we went to New Hampshire to help Chris and Jodie on their last trip to get the rest of their stuff. They gave us a huge fish tank!!!! As soon as we got home I set it back up with water and got it ready for us to get fish on Monday!! The tank had one lonely fish in it when we picked it up. So far he has made it!! A hour and half ride plus an hour in the car just sitting there while we ate lunch at a restaurant.

Monday we all headed out to get some fish. We each picked out two fish I was only going to get one fish but when the woman at the store went to get more water out of one of the tanks to fill the bag a little more one fish got into the cup and see didn't see it until she dumped the water into the bag with the fish we picked. She said we could have it for free. It was a Molly, the other fish was a beta, I couldn't tell you what the other 4 fish were.

Here it is Tuesday and the fish are still all alive swimming around!! Today we are cleaning out our basement. We are doing a yard sale this weekend. I hate doing yard sales really really hate it. Love going to them but hate sitting at them. I like that we might make some extra cash but sitting in the hot sun is going to suck. Anyways that really I have to say for now nothing big going on with us.

Hope all is well with everyone!!!


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