Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The other day Sadie and I went up to my moms to mow the lawn. First we sat on the porch chatting for awhile. Sadie was laying by the cabinets smelling under them with her tail just a wagging. There was something there for sure. My mom said her cats would stay there all day looking under the cabinets. So I told her I would look to see what was there. We got all the two cats and the two dogs out of the porch. I moved the cabinets and there was a mouse!! She ran like the wind when I moved it. Oh how I knew it was a she was because their were two little babies hanging off her. I couldn't believe the little babies hung on so tight. I got Joshua old butterfly net and caught the little family. You wouldn't believe how many things we have caught with that net. Bats, bees, butterflies and now mice.

I took the family and even the nest way out back where there was and old playhouse that had been knocked down. I feel bad that the family is not where its going to be nice and warm for the winter, but its for the best for the house. Mice can do a number to a house and that is the last thing my mom needs.

I have been back to work for a week and two days now. I do love my job but I really enjoyed the time at home. I got so much done around the house. The basement it all clean up and out. We can now have people over to play pool. We gave away a big set of bunk bed set to our friend Charity. Her little girl loved it. I'm glad it is being used by someone who loves it so much. We also had a yard sale, we didn't get a lot out of it but the stuff is no longer in my basement. I told John no matter what didn't sell it was not coming back to the house. It was going to Goodwill!!!! and that's just what we did. There was so much left over.

We also worked on the outside of the house. Josh helped my clean the one side of the house that had green gross stuff on it. Wow did it look better!! We also cleaned up the wood in the yard. We got it all ready for Joshua birthday party. It was a great time. Joshua's friends had a great time. I loved having everyone at our house. Kids were playing in the basement on the kids side, grown ups hung outside around the BBQ. Later that night we had a fire in the fire pit. It was a great day.

So that everything in a nutshell. Hope all it well with you all.

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