Tuesday, July 20, 2010

I know, I know I said that I would take one day a week to write something for my blog but I have been sooooo busy with sooooo many things I really never had time to sit and write. Only if I had one of those phones that could get the web!!! No really sooooo many things have been going on some I can't write about because its about people who have way to much drama in their lives already and the world doesn't need to know their business. But I'm thinking about writing a book!! It's just so messed up you would think I was making it up.

The past two Sundays John and I have been helping our friends Chris and Jodie move from New Hampshire to Maine. Chris is my sister-in-laws nephew. The only times we got to see Chris and Jodie were the 4Th of July (party time), and here and there family get together at my brothers house. I know they are my brothers in-laws, but they have always seemed like mine too. John doesn't have family around so they fill the spot. The first Sunday we helped them move, we were at a store having sandwiches made and the lady behind the counter asked Chris what we were all doing of the weekend. He said my family is down here helping my wife and I move. I looked at him and said "family awwww". So that made me feel really good. I think once they get all set up here in Maine we will be getting together a lot more.

Now my work, ohhhh my work. Well the showroom is closing. It's just not making enough money to keep it open. Another story I can't go into details about on line because I like my job!! We have work slowly coming in. Enough to keep the shop running.

I have been help my mom around her house, hanging with friends from school, and working on new crafts that I'm trying to find the one that would sell. I just can't come up with something people would want. I would love to do one of those kits that you put together at home and send it back and get money, but what one doesn't rip you off????? I want to make extra money at home!!!! Any ideas anyone!!??

My flower gardens are growing like crazy!! Our lawn is looking a lot better. Not just weeds anymore. We also put two bird feeders in the garden and the cats are loving them!! Hummm what else has happened.....man I'm lost I can't think.....Josh is doing great, still a hand full driving me crazy but that what kids are for!! Sadie is still right behind me all the time. Oh ya John is trying out singing in a band. I knew he could sing and to hear him sing into a mic is music to my ears. Hehehe

So I guess that's it for now. I will try to write and take pictures more. We are hoping to me back on-line in 3 weeks.




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Barbara said...

It's so nice to hear from you. I know what you mean; I think I could write a book at times too! DRAMA! It's like....ok, everyone take a deep breath!!