Sunday, March 14, 2010

OUT WITH THE OLD takes time.

I can't believe it's the end of Sunday!! I wanted to do so much around the house but I would start on one project that end up turning into more little projects and the stuff I really thought I would get done didn't at all. I wanted to clean out the computer room closet the next thing I know I'm in the bedroom closet, then cleaning out the shoe boxes under the bed. It's like a small snowball rolling down a hill getting bigger and bigger. I'm glad what I did got done, because it would have been done at a later date, but to clean out the one closet you go to put something in the other closet then you see in that closet something should be somewhere else. I think you get the idea.

So now there are bags of stuff that I will let friend & family go though, and what they don't take is off to Goodwill!!!!! I have a new rule for my closet. If I buy something new, something has to go!!! I know I have shirts that I haven't worn in over a year. I know some people have the rule if you don't wear it for a year it goes. Well I can't have that rule because I don't wear dresses a lot, but you never know when your going to a wedding or something you want to dress up for. So there are things that I love but don't have a chance to wear it often.

John could not believe how many shoes and handbags I had. I have 2 under the bed boxes of shoes, but one is more then half of flip flops of all colors. I also have 1 box of hand bags. I went through them and got rid of a bunch. :O( but it needs to be done. I want less crap everywhere.

I got rid of a lot of picture frames. The whole top of the TV stand was covered with them. I love pictures, but when it was time to dust it sucked. I went out and got the wall frames that hold like 25 picture per frame. I have 3 of them down the hall. I just want that clean fresh look in the house. I really need to get rid of half the nic-naks that I have. I haven't bought any nic-naks for the house for a long time. Last year I got rid of all the fake flowers in the house that were in baskets and pots. The only fake flowers I have are hanging on the wall are my wedding. I want more plants in the house. I love have the big plants that you put on the floor, but when Sadie runs around her tail knocks off the leaves. So little plant stands are need!!

I'm hoping after work the next couple of weeks I will get rid of more things we just don't need and give them to people who could use it. We are going to reclaim our basement from all the summer stuff that goes outside!! We are also planning on building a shed this spring with the help of friends!! We are getting a lot of the wood from my old shop that going to be taken down!! Another friend can get parts from his work that at a low cost! I just hope it all works out! I want my basement back!!

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