Tuesday, March 2, 2010


I am so happy to know there are people out there reading my blog. I am really hoping to make more of it!!!! I love input. So Murphy 343, I am grateful that you read my blog, and yes I was thinking the same thing about the edges. I'm glad you said something, I'm going to get right on it. For others who read my blog PLEASE let me know what you think. I would like to have a little more input.

Barbara, yes blogs are somewhat like therapy. It's great to get things off my chest. What you said " Nobody MAKES anybody else read another person's blog so if I don't like what I read, I just don't read it." That is what I told my friend. That person should just stop reading her if she doesn't like what she writing about, but her blog is so good I can see why she can't stop!!!! I also wanted to thank you for the kind words about my blog. I try to make it entertaining!!, it is honest for sure!!

So I was hoping others that read my blog would help me out a little. I would like some ideas on stuff to do to be able to blog about. Ask me to go somewhere, eat something, your wish is my command.... to a point of course!! I would like to let you know my point of view on what ever you want. I would like the blog to become a little more interactive with my readers.


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Barbara said...

Oh wow.....your blog is looking good!!
I think this is a great idea. Sometimes you just run into a 'dry spell' and cannot think of anything to write about and then someone comes along and mentions something and it's like "Now that would be interesting to check out and report on" I wouldn't mind getting an assignment too.

I've been thinking about reporting on cereal. Yes, the cereal you eat. Do you know how many different kinds of cereal are out there....we are talking aisles here!! The days of having just Cheerios and Rice Chex are gone.

This could be really fun....even if we do the same thing, our reports could be so different!

What a concept!!