Monday, March 1, 2010


I think blogs are a lot of fun. I like to write them and read others. I wish I would sit down more often a write. Sometimes vent in blogs is needed.

Today it dawned on me that some people just don't think before they open the mouths. I guess it really didn't dawn on me, but it made me think about the people who do it a lot. There are people who just don't see that they are hurting peoples feelings. I understand that you shouldn't lie, but sometime saying to truth is hurtful.

Oh..., I have friends who blog and vent their little hearts out!! You know who you are keep up the good work. They do it so well and with CLASS!!! They don't use names but for whom they are writing about know who they are or others that know the story itself know who it is. But for the outside world no one knows. So if "that" person is reading the blog they can not tell the person who is writing the blog to stop writing about their lives. So if you don't want people writing or reading about the dumb ass stuff you do, then stop doing the dumb ass stuff you do!!!!



Anonymous said...

Like your blog, don't care for the crap around the edges that make it hard to read the end of each line.

Barbara said...

Blogging is our 'therapy' and should be our own little domain to say what we want.....within reason and consideration of others. On the flip side, not everyone is going to take what you write well so always be prepared for feedback and consider the source!! Nobody MAKES anybody else read another person's blog so if I don't like what I read, I just don't read it....However, yours is always entertaining, honest and REAL!!