Wednesday, March 3, 2010


I checked my blog this morning before going to work in hopes that someone wrote something back about something to write about. One of my blog followers gave me the task of writing about CEREAL!! Good one, Barbara. So what in the heck do I write...

Cereal is something that I thought most people eat in the morning. So I asked people through out the day what kind of cereal they eat in the morning! To my surprise, there are a lot of people who don't eat cereal. My husband John is one of those who likes his egg muffins in the morning, then you got the people who don't eat anything in the morning, but they do eat cereal in the middle of the day or at night. I am a anytime of the day cereal eater.

Barbara also made a great point about there being so many different kind of cereal now. Like Cheerios, now there are 10 kinds of Cheerios. You have the plain Cheerios, Honey Nut, Multi Grain, Banana Nut, Cheerios Crunch, Berry Burst, Frosted, Apple Cinnamon, Fruity, and Yogurt Burst. Wow that's a whole lot of Cheerios!!!! Now just think of all the uses there are for Cheerios. You make Christmas trees garland, use them on a necklace you can eat, kids art work, oh and the best is in the toilet for your young boy take aim!!!

Things about cereal I hate is, when it gets soggy. You have to learn the timing of how long a cereal can sit in the milk before getting to soggy. For instant you have flakes of any kind you don't have long in milk, but if you have Grape-Nuts you have all time in the world! The other thing I hate about cereals are the boxes! The boxes are getting smaller and smaller. From the front they look the same but when you turn them sideways they are thin!! What's up with that? and they are the same price!!!

Things I like about cereal are, easy to make. Pour in bowl add milk there you go!! No time at all. Kids can make it, and when it misses the bowl and falls on floor dogs love it.

Oh and Rice Krispies!! You can't forget about Rice Krispies. You can make Rice Krispies Treats, who doesn't love them. Don't forget you can make Cheerios treats too, and other cereals treats. I'm telling you cereal is not just for breakfast anymore. Don't even get me talking about HOT CEREALS!!!!


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Barbara said...

Great blog!!! And, you did you're cruising. When my oldest was three years old, she could feed herself breakfast and I got to sleep in which was good since I was pregnant and very tired. We would leave her a bowl of cereal on the kitchen table with a spoon and a cup of milk in the frig and WHOLA!! Shelly had breakfast.

Cereal; Gotta Luv It!!