Sunday, February 21, 2010


I had so much fun last weekend at the ocean I wanted to go back with Josh and Sadie. John had to work so he couldn't make it. So I asked my mother to go. She seemed to have fun looking for sand dollars and she found a bunch. Josh enjoyed running around and just being free. Sadie well, the first thing Sadie HAD to do was run right into the water, not knowing it was saltwater she got some in her eyes and found out that was not fun. Sadie also found out drinking the water wasn't good either. Good thing I brought her fresh water to drink, I was thinking!!!! that doesn't happen often hehehe. I did forget towels.

Sadie made friend with 6 other dogs with in our time at the beach. You should have seen her running all over the place with those dogs. She really enjoyed her time out of the house. Josh loved climbing the rocks and finding little caves. Josh found a some driftwood that he just had to have. Another one to add to the flower garden.


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