Sunday, February 14, 2010


We went to Popham Beach on Saturday late in the day as a part of our Valentine weekend. We don't feel you need to buy things for each other (even though John stop at Kohl's and had me get the handbag I saw a few days ago and fell in love with that I was going to save up for it!!!). We get out and do stuff "together"!!! That is what Valentines is to us (I do love my new handbag!!! So thanks Honey!!). It was a little cold out there, but nothing we couldn't handle. I could be at the ocean rain or shine, cold or freezing. I love the ocean!!!!

We were not the only ones who had the idea of walking on the beach, there were a lot of couples out there, and dogs!!!! I didn't know you could have dogs on the beach in the winter. So I told him next weekend I would like to bring Josh and Sadie to the beach.I love the way the sand looks like artwork!!!!
This is my new bag!!!! Some may call it an old ladies bag but I love it!!!!!! Thank you John!!!


lee and hannah said...

cute purse! & great pictures of your special v-day! :) lee and i don't feel like we need a special day to tell each other how much we love each other EITHER! :)

SillyShelly said...

Gorgeous pictures!!!!