Tuesday, February 23, 2010


This past week at work we've been at a job site at a old train station. The owner is making into ???? he still doesn't know!!! Must be nice to have money!! I'm glad to see a old building fixed up and reused. One of the guys that was working there doing some piping walked by me today and started to watch what I was doing. Then he said "you must really love your job". I look at him and said "yes I do, why!!? He said "you don't see many women at a work site, and what your doing is very messy and a lot of girls don't like that." The guy also talking to Rick while I was there working and told him that they used to have a girl that worked with them but she would ask the guys to do this and that because she didn't want to or because it was to heavy, or oh I broke a nail!!! Rick told him I pull my own weight at the job! So that made me feel good. Then the guy said to Rick so I could hear "and your girl is so much better to look at then ours was" I just smiled and said thank you. Yep that made me feel good. I don't hear that but only from my husband or family, so yep I had a big smile on my face!!
That got me thinking about when I walk onto a job site, I never think that I'm a woman walking into a "mans" world. I wonder what those guys are thinking. Oh here comes a girl hell, what can she do?!! Hey boys I can do a lot more then you think I can!! I will have to say in my 6 years working for Morin's I have never been at a job site with another woman. Well only my boss but she doesn't stay. There have been times where I'm lifting very heavy stuff and the other guys say "wow your a girl and you can left that?" or "man you must work out!" Yep that too makes me feel good. Or you get "those" guys who run over and say "do you need help lifting that?" I just smile and say no thanks and watch their faces drop in aww. LOVE IT.
Anyways enough about me feeling good about myself. This is the job site we are working on. We have done all the wood. Some of it was taken down and done at our shop other parts had to be done in place. All the wood was stripped, sanded, stained, coated, sanded and coated again. Now it feels like a babies butt, that is what one of the carpenters said!!!!.
The wood goes half way up the wall as you can see. We had to paint the new metal doors to look like wood. We also did the half round windows. The windows were taken out and brought to our shop then the carpenters put them into place. A lot of the trim was new and had to cut to size at the job site then was brought to our shop to be stained then brought back over to the job site for the carpenters to put in place. A lot of trips were made with this job. Only one of the half round windows would fix in the back to the truck at a time.Where they had to make new bathrooms in the building, it had to be all new wood made to look old. It was tongue and grove all down the hallway and into the rooms. They used the old doors that were there. The carpenters made the heater cover and did a kick ass job!!
I love my job and they work we do. I love to see peoples faces when they see what we have done.

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Barbara said...

How cool is that!!! I was down at Milwaukee's City Hall last week and just stared in awe. It's beautiful inside!! I just couldn't get enough. I took the elevator up to the 8th floor and walked down to the bottom, taking in each floor. What a treat!!