Thursday, January 28, 2010


Wow, I have not blog again for awhile. Right now I'm home from work sick. It's snowing and the oil man came to the house about 30 minutes ago and my dog is still barking!!! She has even looked out the window where she saw the truck that made her start to bark and now its gone. She can see that it's gone, but she still barks. Anyway about Josh's trip to Boston.

My brother Glen and his wife Denise took Josh with them to Boston as a part of Emily's Birthday gift. All pictures were taken by Josh. Well not the ones he is in. I think he did a great job. Thank you Glen for telling him over and over his mom wants some pictures!!

Boston Garden

They went to the Boston Children's Museum.

I believe Josh said it was a Star Fighter from Star Wars.

They stayed at the Historic Luxury in Downtown Boston, Omni Parker House.
As you pass through the sculpted bronze doors of this luxury Boston hotel, you will be enveloped by the timeless beauty that has made the Omni Parker House a landmark since 1855. I got that off the website!!

Josh was very lucky to go to Boston. I thank you Glen and Denise for taking my little monkey!!

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Jeanne said...

Thank Josh much for a glimpse of my favorite city. Love the views from the Pru and the frozen Charles. 'sigh' wish I was there.