Sunday, January 31, 2010


Saturday 1-30-10 John and I went to Austin's (Ozzy) 1st Birthday Party at Keith and Becky's house. A lot of friends and family showed up for the party!! There was great food, drinks, and CAKE!!!

After the birthday party John and I went to Glen's house to do some ice fishing. One thing that is really cool is at night being on a lake or pond and hearing it talk and crack. I know that sounds funny but the frozen lakes and ponds do talk. Anyways Glen drilled a few holes but it really was way to cold to be standing out there for to long. We (Glen, Emily and I ) didn't catch anything. So we headed back into the house for BBQ hamburger for dinner yummy.

After Glen's we went back to Keith and Becky's to play ROCK BAND.....oh my we had so much fun. We got to their house around 7:30pm and didn't go home until 1:30am. I can't wait to play that again!!!!!!

Today 1-32-10 I drove back out to Glen's to go ice skating with Emily! We had to skate because you don't get a chance to have open ice on the whole lake like this often. We had a lot of fun skating and hearing the lake crack and tell stories. We didn't skate for long because it was just to cold plus the wind was bad. Emily would have stand out there if I let her.


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