Wednesday, February 3, 2010


It's funny that you wake up in the morning and do your normal routine. You hope all will go as planned. Most of the time is does, but you always get those day that just seem to fall apart as the day goes on. In your mind you plan your day, what your going to do at work, or maybe what time your going to eat lunch. Some things simple, others big major plans.

Today at work things went as planned until Rick got sick and had to go. So I had to help my boss with the delivery's in the afternoon. Any other day it would have been fine, something different and fun. Well today Josh got sick at school and needed to be picked up. I really couldn't leave work because Cathy really had no one else to help her and the stuff had to go out. I had to rely on my mother once again to help me out. She went to the school and picked him up. That really hurts my heart that I can't even be there for my own sick kid. So I skipped lunch so I could go home early to get Josh and take him home. When I got home I then find out that my X-mother in-law is back in the hospital. She was having chest pains and numbness in her arms. Her blood pressure was very high. They are keeping her over night to see how she will do. If things don't get better she will be taken to a bigger hospital that is more geared for heart patient.

Then I get on my computer and find things that just leave me so dumbfounded. It makes my mind go in a 1000 different direction.

I'm not really sure where I'm going with this post.....I guess I'm just saying that you never know what will happen within a day no matter how well you plan it. There is nothing you can do to stop it, or to make it better. You just have to wait to see how it works out and deal with it. In how ever you can.

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SillyShelly said...

Just know that in the end, you're gonna be okay. No matter what. Tough times make us stronger people. You're awesome. your family is awesome, and it's all okay.