Sunday, November 22, 2009


Friday at 11:00am I went to a meeting with Rick the guy I work with and have become really go friends over the past two years. I know we have worked together for 6 years but this past two years we are getting to hang out after work because he is no longer with the woman that kept him stuck at home, and didn't like him hanging out with any women. Now Rick has the woman of his dream that he is having a child with in 6 weeks!!!! Anyways back to what I was saying at 11:00am we went to the hospital to meet with his dad and some nurses that showed us how to move his dad. His dad 2 years ago had a stroke and lost the use of his right arm, and his speech is slower and harder to understand. His dad worked hard to get back to everyday things. He was driving again and living back at his own house alone. Well a few weeks ago he feel at night and broke his hip and clavicle. Now his has been in the hospital and needs to leave because of insurance reasons. Rick asked if I could help out with taking care of his dad, I said yes in a heart beat. Ricks not the one to ask for help. He needs it because Staci his wife to be is due in 6 weeks so she can't help move his dad. Plus when it's time for the baby to come someone needs to be with his dad. I think that's where I'm going to come into the picture. So know Rick is going to take care of him at his house meaning we (Rick, John, and I) had to move his dads stuff to his house. Which was now planned to do on Saturday before the surprise babyshower for Rick!!!

After work John called his friend Bruce knowing that his other friend JD was there, up from Mass. for hunting. We all went to the V.F.W. Hall where they were having a turkey raffle. You pay a dollar for a ticket, one ticket for 3 spins of a wheel in hopes your number comes up. I think we spent $20.00 and won two 12-15 pound turkeys. It was a lot of fun. There was a group of ladies sitting at one table who kept winning turkeys. One woman walked away with 6 turkeys!!! After all the turkey fun with went back to Bruce's house. I got to hear so many stories from John's passed. I'm not sure if he wanted me know a lot of them, but I had fun.

Saturday we helped Rick move his dads things. I kept looking at the clock to make sure we would make it to Cathy's (our boss who was having the surprise baby shower) on time. Rick knew we were going there for a dinner. I got to leave Rick's house just before him, that gave us time to get into Cathy's house before him and change. He had no idea until he drove up to the house that something was going on. He walked in and everyone yelled surprise, his face was so funny. He didn't understand what was going on. Then he knew by all the balloons that said It's A Girl on them, and food. After opening all the gifts he cried a little when he hugged Cathy. Because all the people that were there were people he has become friends with from people Cathy knows. They are like his family!!! So cool and heart warming. After the dinner Rick, Staci, John and I went back to his place to hang out for a while then went home.

Today we are going to help another friend Rick paint a room at his place.In hopes that the drywall mud is dry!! Rick is starting a new business with computers. or PC/Laptop Tune-Ups & Repair. "House Call" service available!!

So it's been a great weekend so far. Haven't been home to much so poor Sadie :O(


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