Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Yes a day at the hospital with Josh.... He is OK. I was at work when my cell phone went off at 12:33, I saw it was my ex-husband Charley. I thought he was calling about Thanksgiving, nope he was calling me to tell me he was on his way over to the school to pick up Josh to take him to the hospital. "Oh My God" came flying out of my mouth. Rick the guy I work with said "what, what happened?". Charley said "he was playing and got hurt on the playground, he ran into a tree". Rick told me to just leave and don't worry about coming back. So I jumped into my van and drove as fast as I could to the hospital that is 30 minutes away. Charley and Josh waited for me before going in. Josh didn't want to go in without me (sweet but they really shouldn't have waited). So in my mind if they were waiting for me it couldn't be that bad, well when he took the towel off the cut, my heart dropped and I really wanted to cry. I could not believe how bad it was. From just running into a tree, how do you run into a tree that hard. It looks like someone punched him just above the eye. His face was all scratched up and the cut was more like a gash. It was a hole the size of two peas. GROSS!!! and the blood. I knew right away he would need stitches. We walked into the ER, oh wait I mean we dragged Josh into the ER. He knew he would need stitches and didn't want to get them. When they told us to go into the ER room he didn't want to go we had to pick him up, Charley had the top half and I grabbed he feet and we put him on the bed. He was so upset about getting the stitches he was making himself sick. I talked to the doctor saying you have to knock him out there is no way he is going to let you do it. So that's what they had to do, there was no way around it. Josh got all worked up about having that. All it was is a shot in the leg then he would get sleepy and just lay there with his eyes open but wouldn't remember anything. So he had the shot and asked when he was going to fall asleep, we told him it takes a while to just lay there. Well it started to hit and he got all worked up again because it makes you feel really weird, he said he didn't want it anymore, but by then it was to late. After about 15 minutes he was out, we stay with him the whole time. They were done and we had to wait for him to come to. He took for ever to come around. He woke up and looked around and would close his eye, this happened for about 15 minutes until one time he looked at his father and said I love you, then closed his eyes, 5 minute later he opened his eyes and looked at me and said I love you, and out again. After an hour or more he was in and out, he got sick a few time also. They finely said he could go home, he got to ride in a wheelchair, but on the way to the van in the wheel chair he got sick. So we found moving was not good for him. Charley sat in the backseat with him on the way to my house just in case. Thank God nothing happened.

He is now home resting watching a movie. He ate some toast and that's it for now. He got a ton of calls from his school friends. I really didn't think about the other kids at the school. They saw Josh being walked off the playground by teachers with blood all over the place. I feel bad for them too.

LIFE IS........I can't think of anything to write, I'm just glad my son is OK!!!


lee and hannah said...

oh my word!! i'm so glad he's ok!! what an eventful day that i'm sure you'd never want to re-live... hope EVERYONE (you included) gets some rest tonite! :)

prayers from NC for josh! :)

Jeanne said...

OMG that must have been so scary for you all! No mother wants to get a call like that. Grateful that Josh is ok. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.