Monday, November 30, 2009


I can't believe how fast a four day weekend goes by so much faster then a four day work week??? Wednesday morning Josh did go to school after all. I didn't think he was going to feel up to it after the day he had at the hospital the day before. After school he went right to his fathers house for the night, so I wouldn't see him again until Thursday morning. Wednesday night my brother and his family came to stay at my mom's until Saturday evening. We hung out and talked for hours. Thanksgiving morning John and I got up around 9, way later then we should have. We still had to make things to bring to my mom's for the Thanksgiving dinner. We got done at 11:30am, which was fine because we don't eat the turkey dinner until around 2:00pm anyways. I got to see parts of the parade on TV while we made a big mess the kitchen. The part I must see is the end of the parade, my holiday season starts right when I see Santa. That to me is the true start to the Christmas Holiday. One of my favorite things to see on Thanksgiving Day is a house with tons of cars parked outside. You know there is a whole family of people together for the holidays, enjoying each other company, sharing stories, just having a great time.

We had a great time all together. The kids were running everywhere. We were eating all the goodies all day long. I really need to go to the gym!!! To get ready for Christmas dinner!!!! Friday we hang out again at mom's. I told myself I was going to stay at home on Saturday if it killed me. I just wanted one day not going anywhere, no plans but to do things around the house and my God I did it. I clean the basement that has needed to be done since summer. Boxes of stuff were everywhere. I went through Josh's toy boxes and shelves. Everything looks so much better now. I put away all the fall decorations, and took out the Christmas decorations and put them up inside. We still need to put up our tree.

Sunday we stayed home most of the day. We put Christmas bows under the windows outside and garland on the railing of the steps with bows on the end. Then it was off to Rick and Stacie's Baby Shower!! It was a lot of fun. I won one the game where you guess the mother tummy size!! We got there at 2:30pm and didn't get home until 8:00pm, we had so much fun just hanging out after.

Then it was MONDAY and back to work. After work Josh and I went to the ER to have his stitches taken out, and yes he cried that he didn't want to have them out, it's going to hurt. I wanted to knock him in the head to knock him out. After 30 minutes they finally got to take them out. Josh even said after, "why did I make such a big deal, that wasn't that bad". GRRRrrrrr......Oh Josh also hugged the doctor that put the stitches in, that's my boy the nut job.


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