Wednesday, October 28, 2009


I just wanted to show what I'm doing at work. It took us most of the day to tape off the kitchen, and only 5 minutes to spray it out. There is a lot that goes into the prep work when painting. The guy who did the kitchen in 2002 didn't prep well at all. He did it all half ass, and the people who own the house told us what he did, and they couldn't believe all the work we did just to get the kitchen ready for the paint. They are so happy we are doing it the right way. We also did their master bathroom.

These pictures are before we sprayed and after so you can see why we put so much time into prep work taping off. We don't want any holes where the paint can float out into the other rooms.

We put cardboard in the shelf area. We leave dishes and what ever are in the cabinets there. We tape from the inside so no tape is on the outside (because that's what is going to be painted). All the "U" shape tape makes on the cardboard is where we put our arms in to tape the cardboard from the inside. Then those holes need to be tape so paint doesn't get on their dishes.

After the cabinets are done, we tape off the walls, counters, and floors. We use cardboard, brown paper, or plastic where needed. It's like a big kids play fort. We use zip poles to hold up the plastic in the middle or where there are no walls.

This is where there is no wall. It's where the bar stools sit on the other side of the counter where the sink is. You look out onto the living room and dinning room. The zip poles are great to use!!!!

This pictures really shows why you have to tape off just right, or paint will go onto areas you don't want!!


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Ric Carter - Owner - Computer Authorities Plus & My Technology said...

Wow! Take some after photos too. I would like to to see it finished.