Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Now that it is just me and Rick at work we are non-stop. I'm now a painter and loving it because I get paid more and sometimes when we are at a customers house they give us tips. I never had that before so that something I like. We get all kinds of people, some will stand right behind me the whole time I'm working and ask a ton of questions. Others will watch from a far, I see them in doorways or they are looking in mirrors on the walls. Then there are ones I love, they leave the room all together sometimes even leave the house. My work does not change if they are there or not, just more comfortable to work.

I'm looking at late nights the next few weeks. To many jobs need to be done before the holidays, and only having two people working sucks, but more money for Christmas is the way to look at it. By the time I get home I'm dead. I don't even feel like taking the dog for a walk, that's sad!!!!

I'm working on a kitchen the next two days. Have to take all the doors and hardware off, tape everything off, then spray out the cabinets there, take the doors to the shop spray them, then when everything is dry hang them all back. The home I'm working in is to die for. The master bathroom is the size of my master bedroom. Maybe someday I'll win the lottery, it would help if I played!!!


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