Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Well today I got to work outside with the boys. I found that being on ladders suck. I try to stay close to the wall the higher I go. My body tenses up the higher I go, so now I'm beat. I can't wait to jump into the shower after Josh goes to bed so I don't have to worry about hearing MOMMY or any noise. I can light my candle and enjoy. I'll be doing the same thing Wednesday night too, but maybe with a beer in hand.

Well I called the doctors office today to see if they knew anything about my MRI. The lady said they haven't made it to their office yet. So "someone" is still reading them over in the other office still???? That's what the lady made it sound like. I'm going with there really is nothing wrong. NO NEWS IS GOOD NEWS!!

After work today Josh and I went to the town library. It's our new Tuesday thing. Then we came home and took Sadie for our walk. I cooked dinner if you can believe that. John worked over tonight, so he came home to a hot cooked meal.

Well that's all I have to say about today.


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