Friday, September 18, 2009



I got a letter in the mail from my doctor's office. It took me a minute to open it. No one was home with me. I just stood there looking at it. I ripped it open, but I couldn't pull out the card. I waited another second. Then I pulled it out. They didn't find anything!!! Well yes a brain!!! So yes I have a brain!!!

Yea, so now we know my headaches are just headaches not because there is something besides a brain in my wee little head of mine.

I can't believe they took over a week to mail me that. I even called the office two times this week.



Barbara said...

GREAT NEWS!!! It totally amazes me at times when they know a patient is anxiously waiting for results, you've called and they still send the results through the mail! But like you said, 'no news in good news'. If they would have found something (besides your brain), I'm sure they would have called can just be so aggravating at times!

Jeanne said...

YaY!! Life IS Good! Big {{HUGS}}