Wednesday, September 9, 2009


PICTURE IS NOT MINE, FROM WEB. I wanted to take a picture but it looked just like starts.

We got to see the two largest orbiting space vehicles in the sky at the same time. The Space Shuttle and Space Station went by in the dark sky tonight. It was so cool. We got together with our neighbors and stood on the front lawn with eyes on the sky. All 3 kids kept yelling out "I see it!!, I see it!!" No they didn't, after the 100Th time they stopped. Around 8:05pm is when it went right over our house. It was just too cool.

It appeared as a pair of very bright stars, the Space Station appeared brighter. They say that they traveling in their respective orbits at 18,000 mph.
I'm just glad that Josh got to see it.

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Barbara said...

Oh my are just so lucky to have been able to see it and a great picture! So wonderful for the kids to see something like that!