Saturday, September 5, 2009


Josh and I went for a bike ride today. I knew where there was a bike trail that was very nice, only I didn't know how far it was. 6 MILES. We Thanked GOD when we came to the end of the trail.

Not kidding that was at the end of the trail. It was to funny.

Wow we had so much fun racing each other. Josh was making fun of me because I was slow going up the hills by the end of the ride. After that we went to a different place to walk on a trail. We did about 2 MILES there. Here are some pictures of what we came across.

Can you tell I love my son very much?!! Well I do.

LIFE IS GOOD!!!!!!!!!

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Jeanne said...

You are doing wonderful with that camera of yours. Looks like a beautiful day and great time for the two of you. So happy!