Thursday, September 3, 2009


Wed I went to visit my "X" mother in-law, Mrs.G in the Rehabilitation Hospital. She is there because two weeks ago she had a left parietal occipital stroke. She is doing well. She can walk and talk, only she can't remember a lot of things like names, number, letters, and how to read. Things are coming back to her slowly. Her daughter Bump went with me that night. After we stopped at her house to talk and so she could show me the MRI of her mother. Bump let me look at a book called Living with Stroke. I wanted to learn more about it and how we can help Mrs.G. So I took it home. While reading it I learn a lot. I learn a lot about myself.

In the book I read about TIAs (transient ischemic attack) and it can save your life. Sudden blurred vision (which I get), numbness or weakness (I have had), difficulty in speaking that lasts only a few minutes or less than twenty-four hours(I get a lot) can be a sign that things are amiss-and that it's time to take immediate care of yourself. It says "In fact, if you experience these transient symptoms, you should call 911, immediately go to the emergency room, and hopefully prevent a stroke.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So needless to say I called my doctor today and made an appointment. I have been having really bad headaches for 3 years. The first year I did go to the doctors and a nurse told me if it happens again to go to the ER. She also gave me Maxalt-MLT that would stop the migraine that I was having. So when ever my head would start hurting I would take that. Well for more then a week now my head has been killing me, nothing helps. Not yet a migraine so I won't take the Maxalt because it cost an arm and leg. I have been feeling dizzy and talking funny, and can't remember easy things that I should. I even miss up when typing my blog a lot more!! So Mrs.G gave me the big push to see what is going on in my head.

The doctor is setting me up with a MRI. He couldn't believe that the nurse never looked more into it. When telling me about my next check up he asked who I wanted it with. As fast as I could I said "YOU!!!". I looked at me and said "I understand, that is fine" Because I have always gone to her. They are going to call me in the morning to set a time for the MRI. I'm sure it won't be until next week. There is a part of me that hopes they find something because I want it to be taking care of. I want to feel better. I'm sick of having my head hurt and feeling like crap all the time. I have pushed through it. So much that I don't think anyone but John knew my head hurt so much. It just seem to be a part of life for me.

The doctor is also going to put me on Amitriptyline at night. This is to stop the headaches from coming. After the MRI, if nothing is found (keep your fingers crossed) they will find a pill to stop the headache. It will be hit and miss until it works I guess.

Well that's all for now.


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Jeanne said...

Gosh I can't believe you've been going through all that! Migraines are aweful. I used to have them but they've pretty much gone away as I've gotten older. Hope your MRI is clear and the meds keep those headaches away!