Monday, September 28, 2009


Ya-know you send your husband to the dump to get rid of trash. When my husband goes I pray he doesn't come back with anything!! This time he came back with a great find. There was no getting mad at him.

A rocker that just needs a little TLC, the arm is off and one rocker and two spindles. So I took it to work today to knock it apart the rest of the way and glue it. It's all oak with a rush set that is in great shape. We are thinking of painting white or black to sure yet we might just keep it oak.

So John ,you did good.


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Barbara said...

Great find!! I managed to get my hands on and keep them on over all these years, the high chair that my father was a baby in. All totally wood; the tray flips up over from front to back and back then, they used to tie the babies in with a towel. I want to refinish it and display it.