Thursday, October 1, 2009


October is Breast Cancer Awareness month.
Chicago Sun-Times writes:

October 1, 2009

Death rates from breast cancer across the United States have been falling by about 2 percent a year since 1990, according to a report Wednesday from the American Cancer Society. More women are surviving cancer, the Cancer Society said, thanks to advances in treatment and early detection.

So with that said don't you think you should be checking yourself? Male or Female!! So many people ask us why we help out Cans for a Cure. They ask if we know someone with breast cancer. We don't. John said it best, "we don't want to know anyone with breast cancer that why we do what we do."

It all started with us hearing about Cans for a Cure on the radio 4 years ago. Josh though it would be a good way to meet the Morning crew he hears everyday on the radio Q97.9. So I said yes, but I wanted him to learn about what breast cancer was while we did it. Now going on the 4Th year, he goes around to everyone he knows and asked them to help him out. I can see that it makes him feel good know he is making a differences. It may be small but it's something.

You too can help out in your own town. There are always event of all kinds, walks, bottles drives, and even....
a Pink Ribbon Ride!!

This was Josh last year sitting with all the cans and bottles he got for Cans for a Cure!!


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