Sunday, September 27, 2009


Saturday we slept in and hung around the house until 1:00 pm. Then it was off on a motorcycle ride with some friends. We took back country roads to see the colors of the leafs. Not many trees have change yet, it coming!!! So we are hoping in two weeks it will be warm enough to go again. After that John and I did our grocery shopping, then it was in for the night. Just the two of us!!!!

Sunday I woke up to John banging around in the kitchen making a ton of Chili and his famous homemade soup. He is going to freeze them so we can have them this week and next. So that made me think I should do something for the week. I made 4 loafs of Zucchini Bread. Plus I shredded enough zucchini to make 8 more loafs, and froze that for another weekend.

We also picked up more bags of bottles and cans for CANS FOR A CURE!! We still have to stop at 6 more house to get the rest. Plus some of the people told us to check in with them again to see if they will have more before the 13Th of Oct. We are well on our way to having more cans and bottles then last year!!!! We might plan on taking the cans here in town and drive the money down to the Q Morning Show. Josh wants to know how much money he has raised. I think that sounds like a good idea, plus that way we don't have to sit in a van for an hour smelling them!!, and we wouldn't have to worry about how we would get them down there if there are to many to fit in the van!! So it sounds like a win win to me.

Well now I have to go do dishes from all the cooking we did today!! :O(



lee and hannah said...

oh yum!! that soup & chili look DE-LISH!! sooo glad fall is here...soups, chili, ahhh!!!

Jeanne said...

Mmmm does that look delicious! We're getting some fall temps around here. Me thinks I gotta make some zucchini bread. 48 degrees as I write this.