Saturday, August 22, 2009


So Friday we went to Portland to do some school shopping for Josh who start school next Thursday. We went to Old Navy. I know we don't have the money to be spending at Old Nave but we go for the clearances. Plus we got a 20% off card in the mail. So we found some really cool shirts for him. He really loves the shirts. John also found a great pair of pants that weren't jeans so that was good. When we went to cash out we found out that the 20% card isn't until next Friday!!!!!! Oh was I mad!!! There was no way I was going to put back what the boys found. Josh was so happy with the shirts I couldn't break his heart. So we just paid for it at cost and I just had to get over it. These are the shirt Josh picked On the way home we ran into a storm!!!!! When we got home we found that the power had gone off, but came back on and Sadie under her bed hiding. I felt so bad. It was a really bad storm too.Saturday I got up and was watch TV with Josh. I got a phone call from our GOOD FRIEND TOM. He is the one who went with us to TN. He wanted to stop by with a tape of when he went to TN 16 years ago. We got to see the people we saw this time 16 years younger. It was to funny to see them!! After that we he went home and we headed for my brothers house so I could do some fishing with Glen, Josh could hang out with Emily and John talk up a storm. Glen and I were fishing off his dock when Glen's friend Bill from down the lake asked if we wanted to go out in his boat to fish. Glen and I said yes. It was a FAST BOAT, oh I mean a BASS BOAT!!!
Bill had that thing going around 70 miles an hour (that's what he told me because the tack wasn't working) My sunglasses were planted to my face so I know it was fast, I think it was faster then that because on Johns bike my sunglasses never did that). I had to hold my shirt down because it was working it's way off. I had to hang on to it with one hand the other hand was making an imprint on the hand of the boat so I won't fly out. I couldn't help but have a smile on my face because the wind hitting my face made it that way!!!! WOW what a ride. Bill knew where the fishing spots were. I didn't get a fish but they both boys did. WHAT EVER!!!!! You boys just wait till Ice fishing!!! I'll kick some butt then with Emily's pink Barbi pole.
I had a great day with my brother and his family. You can't ask for anything more. Knowing you have loving family by your side is one of the best things in the world. Also have a great friend stop by, just to hang out means the world to me. I am so grateful to know that I have such great loving people in my life.
LIFE IS GOOD!!!!!!!!

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Jeanne said...

Holy crap! Look at that sky! I have to laugh at your Old Navy experience cause I've done the same thing way to many times. So frustrating! You'd think they want the business so they'd give it to ya anyway.