Thursday, August 20, 2009


Work as been great. I've been work out of the shop!!! I've been going with the boys to job sites. I was painting a deck on Tuesday, Wednesday and today we are working inside a home doing around her windows and painting walls. The time seems to be going by a lot faster then in the shop. I guess it's because it something new. I loved it when I go my check, when you work out at a job site you make more an hour!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I don't ever want to work in the shop again!!

Josh starts school next week. 6Th grade, my baby is growing up to fast. To think not to long ago I was so happy when he said his first word, and now the 6Th grade. I hate that time is going by so fast. Josh is worried about how he is going to look the first day of school. He's also talking about getting homework every night and not liking that. This weekend we plan on doing the last of the school shopping. He is such a pain when it comes to buying new clothes. He doesn't like trying things on. He just wants to get in and out, unless it's buying toys!!

Sadie (the dog) is so glad we are home from Tennessee. You can see in her face when we leave for work she is worried that we aren't coming back. Elvira (black cat) keeps trying to smother me with love. No matter where I am she jumps on me and tries to lay on my chest. In bed it's OK, but when sitting up right it's a pain. She pushes her face right into mine.

While in Tennessee John and I have grown closer if that even possible. We got to see how life is and what it could be. That trip was the first trip we ever took with out Josh, that was the sad part. But it was good for John and I to have time together with other couples. We saw that we have a great relationship, and marriage. I would have to say life is good no matter what gets in the way of it. We have learned to work through it and become stronger because of it.


Barbara said...

Marriage is a "work in progress" and the more work you put into it, the more you will get out of it.

39 years and counting.

SillyShelly said...

Yes, my mom is Barbara. I know she was concerned when she couldn't comment on your blog before, but I sort of figured it had to do with the "not-so-very-nice" person.
W're happy you're back!!!