Sunday, August 23, 2009


Being it's raining I thought I would blog about the day so far, then its out to do some gardening when it stops!!!

Around noon we went over to our GOOD friend Tom's house. He said he wanted me to stop by to dig up some plants that he didn't want anymore. The flower gardens in his yard are just becoming to much for him to take care of. He has been having friends come over to dig what they want. So we drove out there with pots and shovels. This is what we ended up with for today. He said I could come back any time to get more. I guess a dinner is in store for Tom!!!

While we were there he asked if we saw what happened to all the green house at the garden center on the way into town. We didn't. He said he heard the storm from the other day really did a number on them. So on the way home from his place we drove by it. This is the same garden center where I go to get my plants in the spring. They "HAD" I think 10 or more of these green house.
Well after the other day this is what happened!!!!!!!!!!!! I was so sad when we drove up on this.....

So sad. I hope they don't close for good. I'm sure the family will pitch in and get it all cleaned up.
Just knowing how much work they have put into the business hurts my heart to see what happened to it.

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lee and hannah said...

wow! what kind of storm did y'all have?!? saturday we had some "wizard of oz" looking skies around here...apparently we weren't the only one!